Fine Art Monochromes
(Contains 94 photos)
Fine Art Monochromes portfolio

Fine Art Monochrome images of Ireland where colour is no more & the landscape is simply represented in terms of light, shadow, texture, and the incessant motion of water and wind.
Landscape Gallery
(Contains 67 photos)
Landscape Gallery portfolio

For me, it is important to develop a distinctive style.
I achieve this by predominately using wide angle perspectives for my landscapes and utilizing strong foreground detail whenever possible.
(Contains 47 photos)
Seascapes portfolio

Coming from a proud island nation, I feel that for many Irish people, our lives are inextricably linked to the power of the sea that surrounds us.
I try to capture this unbridled power in my seascapes and usually go for lots of movement in the images.
Low Light Gallery
(Contains 34 photos)
Low Light Gallery portfolio

I estimate that about 75% of my images are taken at twilight.
This is because at dawn and dusk the quality and clarity of the light is unsurpassed.
I also love the long exposure times I can readily achieve in low light to give movement to water which is a key feature of many of my images.
(Contains 19 photos)
Nature portfolio

It is difficult to have a passion for outdoor photography without also possessing a deep-rooted love of the natural world.
Other Images
(Contains 33 photos)
Other Images portfolio

This gallery contains the images that I find difficult to categorize under the normal genres of my work.